About Me


Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa and 28 years young, I am a self-taught plant based cook with a real taste for life.

In 2013, I took my health into my own hands and began to delve deeply into my own healing journey. I started to create a mindful relationship with food and my body, which lead me to the birth of Herbiraw. Since then, my aim has been to help others approach life more holistically with a focus on sustainability and an emphasis on foods that heal.

In 2019, Six years later of loving me, choosing me, embracing my curves and finding coping mechanism to keep pushing me through this crazy journey we call life, I managed to write my first book!

After two years of traveling around South East Asia and working on different yoga and meditation retreats, I came home to South Africa to launch the Herbiraw Smoked carrot salmun. A plant-based “Salmon” alternative made from local ingredients that is directed at Saving our Sea!

My aim is to inspire everyone to eat more plants and to look further than the food on their plate by leading a conscious lifestyle. Allow me to transform your life into the amazing adventure it was always designed to be.

Stay wild, moon child.

Love and Light, Tanita Boswell