Herbiraw Conscious Cookbook

I have put the chapters of my life together to help guide YOU into your truth. To awaken your inner Eco-warrior and to inspire you to live freely in menus of colours and in mouthfuls of memories.

The purpose of this book is to approach life more holistically with a focus on sustainability and an emphasis on foods that heal. You don’t need culinary skills to create magic in the kitchen, you just need compassion! Learn how to make your own plant-based pantry items, build delicious smoothies, salads, dressings and dips to your own taste and time and master a “Curry in a hurry”. Delve into your own healing journey and connect to the intuition in your gut.

You are whole. You are free. It is time to celebrate you.

What’s Included

  • Over 50 Plant-based recipes *All gluten, sugar + dairy free!
  • 40 ways to ignite your inner Eco-warrior
  • 20 techniques to help heal holistically
  • The body positivity movement
  • Seeking your truth – Questionnaire with Herbiraw
  • The Healing Foods Lifestyle
  • Organic, Seasonal + Sustainable eating
  • Pantry essentials
  • Kitchen tips including a “Zero-waste” initiative

Recipes, writing, food styling and layout design by Tanita Boswell