Fit yoga mermaid ~ founded by Nati Trujilla, an online yoga community where she teaches and hosts different movement yoga retreats around the world.

I had the honor of creating plant based meals, juices, shooters and tonics for a group of 13 men and women for 7 days!

From Switzerland to Brazil, the group was made up of diverse and unique individuals! Amongst the early morning yoga flows, the days were filled with surfing, meditating, hiking, sound journeys and ayervedic body massages..

This has been my favorite retreat to date. The flow, the vibration, the beautiful energy of this group really connected me to the creative spark I have in the kitchen.

Breakfast were harvest tables of fresh sourdough bread, millet pancakes, dips, nut butters, coconut ice cream, tropical fruit platters and heaps of flavor! Every day we alternated between lunches and dinners, that really contained all the colors of the rainbow! From coriander pasta salads, to beetroot curries, homemade flat breads and delicious salads. An all time favorite was my green goddess salad made up of sprouts, roasted Zucchini, green peas, basil, sunflower seed mayo, tofu feta and a tahini dressing!

I truly will remember this beautiful retreat of self-love for the rest of time!