On the 8th of December 2019 I had the greatest pleasure collaborating with Alexandra Van Schaik, the Yin yoga master!

Nestled in a small town, just after Hikkaduwa we joined forces at Earthlinks, a retreat space with a beautiful outside yoga studio, which is directly in front of the kitchen! For those who haven’t done a Yoga Teacher Training, it is super intense, filled with 2 to 3 yoga classes a day, morning and afternoon theory sessions as well as practical exams! So you can only imagine the type of brain food that was need to nourish the beautiful yogis! It was only a matter of minutes before we became the ladies who lunch! It is these types of challenges that really put the power of plants to the test… and the proof sure was in the pudding!

Post yoga breakfasts consisted of tropical energy smoothies filled with healthy fats from avocado, coconut milk and sunflower seeds! I made lots of sunshine bowls, with a base of overnight oats topped with frozen banana “nice cream” and sprinkled with crunchy nut granola and more fruit! The post-lecture lunches consisted of meals like bunless burgers made from sprouted chickpeas and carrots, served with dips, salsa and pickled watermelon. As the afternoons were packed with more lectures and evening Yin yoga classes, I kept the lunches light and the dinners where heavier, bigger portions like classic Sri Lankan curries and rice.

Even though shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning for big groups of people is extremely tiring, it is always very special for me if i am able to join in on some actives or yoga classes throughout the retreats… Yin yoga is a deep, very individual practice and it speaks to every part of my soul. It was such a powerful thing to be able to connect in the evening flows with Alex and her students. This might have been the first, but it definitely isn’t the last time i work with Alex. Love,your food fairy!