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Become Eco-friendly with a conscious, sustainable and holistic approach to life. The Herbiraw conscious cookbook will inspire you to live freely in menus of colours and in mouthfuls of memories.


Allow yourself the space to let go and delve into your own personal healing journey with me in locations around the World. We will focus on Holistic health, Conscious cooking and Natural living.

Soul food

You do not need to have culinary skills to create magic in the kitchen, you just need compassion! Either book a class with Tanita or purchase the Herbiraw Smoked carrot salmun –

The Herbiraw Journey
I am a self-taught plant-based cook with a real taste for life and a passion for food that feeds the soul. In 2013 I decided to take my health into my own hands which lead me to the birth of Herbiraw. My aim is to help others ignite their inner Eco Warrior, practise Natural living and create a healthy relationship with food.
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 10 reviews
 by Anonymous

I have met Tanita back in January during my yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. She was the heart and soul of that place on many different levels. She has spoken the most beautiful language, the language of food. It was welcoming, loving, inspiring, enticing and ever so exciting. Every dish was well thought out, balanced in flavour and visually so appealing. Her creativity had no boundaries; dishes we were presented not only looked divine but they left ever lasting imprint.

Tanita has mesmerizing passion about the food and her vast knowledge was magnetic - one could easily spend long hours listening to her stories on her food journey through life.

She was a highlight to my week and would always be remembered as an example of humble human that has so much love for life, others and food.

 by Sam Lowe

I first met Tanita at a health store she worked at many moons ago. Her knowledge always inspired me as this was the beginning of my health journey.
I continued to meet her at like minded gatherings and have always loved her light and loving energy and always so informed on all things health.
Her recipe book is testament to all that she is. Astute, beautiful, nourishing and so knowledgeable. This is a great place to start diving into the world of health and taking the first big step towards your truth!

 by Manon
Incredible in so many ways

Just wow! This book connected with me on so many different levels. Not only are the recipes amazing but the pages leading up to them are even better. It’s so refreshing to find a book that doesn’t just do vegan/vegetarian meals but also gives guidance to being an eco-warrior and treating our Mother Earth better in all aspects.

 by Paris

We met Tanita at a Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka a couple of months ago. I don’t think I have ever met a young women that has inspired me as much as Tanita did. She cooked for us twice a day, completely vegan, with so much enthusiasm and love 💕 Every meal was a new discovery and experience!
I spent a lot of time in our 2 weeks stay there discussing different topics with Tanita and never stopped to be amazed at her increasingly wisdom and insight into life. Her herbiraw cook book should truly be read by everybody. There is so much to discover in it.. not just about vegan cooking but also wisdom for life! I will always carry a spot in my heart for Tanita and hope she will come to visit one day 😊
Here’s to a truly authentic girl with a beautiful heart and soul . May the universe always watch over her !!!!

 by Irene
an inspiring soul

Tanita was our vegan chef at my Down to Earth retreat in Sri Lanka and she was the highlight of our week. Everyday she welcomed us with the biggest smile on her face and with a variety of different dishes all presented in the best way possible. Her knowledge is vast and deep. She always took the time to present with love and explained each meal, in terms of sustainable ingredients and health benefits. My participants were excited at every meal because that food was so good for our souls and our tummys. I have hosted many retreats all around the world and my experience with Tanita was by far the best. I hope to collaborate with her in the future because I trust her work and her positivity. I am grateful our paths crossed even if for a short time. Thank you Tanita!

 by Sally
Soul Sister

I met Tanita in Sri Lanka after I'd already spent a week on site and felt a little weird and not in the best mood. The second I saw her I instantly loved her. The nicest, funniest, realest person of them all, which happens to create the most amazing dishes on this planet. I'm very very grateful that the universe threw me into her path and I really hope to see her very soon again. Get this e-book people. It's just yum food and the perfect fuel for your body!

 by Shandell

Such a great clear book, not only beautiful to look at on the design side but gorgeous recipes.
Thank You

 by Jemma
Powerful women

Tanita has a skill to turn anything she touches, into gold. I am beyond proud of all that she has accomplished. One can definitely taste the pure love and blissful energy she adds into her nutritional and delicious meals. Her love and knowledge for holistic health and conscious cooking shines through into her creations.

 by Alexandra
Completely in love

Completely in love with you and your wonderful energy and humour. The food you create... no words! It’s an experience of flavours which all marry so beautiful together. Yes to you as a person, yes to everything you bring in this world ♥️

 by Kelsey Brown

Tanita Boswell is the perfect combination of all the incredible food she creates while giving her piece of mind for dessert. She is the most real and genuine human being that never stops pushing herself and always keeps her colorful mind creative and clear. Besides from her delicious food and exceptional drive, Tanitas light and energy fills up every room which she navigates effortlessly through all the kitchens/pantrys she has worked in from South Africa, to Sri Lanka to Nepal, this lady is known as the smoothie bowl queen of the tropics. If anyone is struggling with body positivity this is the girl you want to sit down and have a turmeric latte and a chat with. Tanita is motivated to show and prove to everyone that you are enough and beautiful in every way and won't stop until you feel your best. I highly recommend her E-book it not only includes captivating recipes but a personal layer of who she is.