“My mat is my canvas and Yoga is my art”

ASHTANGA YOGA ~ is an extremely deep and meaningful practice… I collaborated with Nathalie Daou from Dubai on the 25th January 2020. It was an intense week filled with 4hrs of ASHTANGA yoga, intimate circles and lots of rainbow food.

Inbetween the yoga classes and meals, the group of 16 men and women spent time connecting, communicating and trusting each other in different workshops all focusing around the theories of Yoga.

Breakfast were filled with fresh fruit bowls, coconut milk and vanilla infused Chia seed puddings, savory French toast and delicious coconut milk cupaccinos!

As the days were filled with workshops and activities, we sat down in the evenings for dinners made up of burrito bowls, buddah bowls, open fallafal bowls and Anti-inflammatory soup bowls.

The vibration of the group was divine, full of power and pure bliss. There’s a certain type of person that the yogi industry attracts, and they are my people! What a treat it was to coonect with yet another bunch of lovely coconuts!