On the 24th of November 2019, under the Sri Lankan stars, I collaborated with Anushka ~ founder of “The goddess space” from London. She creates sacred spaces for Women including; Womens circles, baby and bridal blessings and Womens retreats.

The first night we held an opening ceremony, introducing and honoring our selves in a beautiful Womens circle. The night ended with a feast prepped and cooked with love, by me! I set the table outside under palm tress with the natural light from the moon and stars! The group of Women were all from different parts of the globe, with different stories and experiences. Connecting to them each individually was such a heart-opening experience. While attending a retreat, you really do delve deeply, peeling away at the layers of yourself and it is so important to have an overflow of nutrient-filled meals, lots of liquids and nourishing snacks in between. The plant kingdom is so broad, so nutrient dense and each plant has magnificent healing properties that can allow your soul to flow, to let go and to simply just connect you to the intuition in your gut. Each day was packed with activities, group circles, evening ceremonies and alot of talking. The seven days together was truly filled with absolute magik, and it was such a delight to cook for 10 succulent wild women! I prepared lots of crudite boards with different dips and sauces; the below to name a few!
-Beetroot hummus topped with caramelised onion and toasted sesame seeds.
– Split red Lentil dip with roasted carrots and Cashews
-Smoked paprika and roast tomato dip topped with Parsley, red onion and corn salsa.
– Babaganush topped with roasted garlic, za’taar spice and tahini!

For breakfast I served beautiful dishes. Carrot “salmon” marinated in capers, nori, olive oil and lemon served on toasted sourdough bread and served with a sunflower seed “sour cream cheese”.

The desserts where the perfect sweet ending to long days! They were mostly raw desserts, like “snickers bars” made from oats, dates, peanut butter, raw cacao and coconut oil and many different raw “cheese cakes” from Spiced pumpkin pie, to avocado lime and a fruity cashew raspberry.


As the retreat came to an end, we had a closing circle that allowed me to see that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be! An ode to all of the beautiful woman who joined the goddess retreat and committed to a new journey towards self-love and self-exploration… It was an honour to be able to create a space for women to be held and nourished!