On the 10th of January 2020, I collaborated with Katarzyla from Poland who is a Vinyassa yoga instructor and meditation teacher. We joined forces in the tropics of Sri Lanka for Sixteen days of yoga, food, sound journeys, meditation and a lot of internal healing!

The start of 2020 was one crazy ride, cooking for a group of over 20 polish human beings with a tasty menu filled with plant love! Breakfasts were juicy, fruity and full of Colour. There isn’t much variety of fruits in Poland, so this group was really hands on the tropical goodness of local Sri Lankan fruits!

French toast, fresh bread, smoothie bowls and lots of pancakes, it really is something else flipping 40 pancakes before 8am! They enjoyed late lunches after meditative workshops. Harvest tables of chunky salads, curries, stews, and pasta were a great hit! I cooked with loads of earthy flavors from beetroot to mushrooms and lots of pickles! I really enjoyed cooking for a group of mature individuals, and the workshops and ceremonies were inspirational to everyone who attended the retreat!

It was a blessing to feed such a dynamic group of humans that all love the flavors of the Earth!